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Testing for Blue Egg Gene

November 20, 2020

The American Silverudd's Blue Association provides DNA analysis for the blue egg gene through our partner lab in Germany, Justus Liebig University Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics. Cost is approximately $30 per sample (we will confirm current rates when you are ready to test). This is a vital test for every breeder as we work together to insure that all Silverudd's Blues in the U.S. produce 100% green eggs consistently. We will send in test batches periodically throughout the year. Please complete and return the Investigation Order along with your feather samples (following the feather sampling instructions below) and payment. Contact the Testing Coordinator at for more information.


Feather Sampling Instructions

A correct sampling is necessary to receive an optimal amount and quality of DNA. The following information should help you with that.


  • Pay attention to hygiene and tidiness during sampling.

  • Make sure your hands are clean.

  • Use new and clean bags/envelopes.

  • Avoid mixing or confusing samples.


  • Provide at least 6 freshly extracted quills (adhering blood is unproblematic) from the breast or shoulder area. 

  • To avoid contamination, please do not touch the quill with bare fingers.


  • Use zipper bags or small folded paper bags (hereafter called sample bags).

  • Place the extracted feathers of one animal in a sample bag and label clearly to ensure a clear allocation in the lab.

  • Use one sample bag per animal.

  • Make sure the feathers cannot fall out.

DISPATCH (Figure 4)

  • Sample bags can be dispatched uncooled in standard envelopes.

  • Send sample bags and the completed Investigation Order forms.

Feather Sample Directions