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The American Silverudd's Blue Association aims to be the cornerstone, bringing together its community of members. We are committed to providing information and resources to the general public and the Silverudd's Blue enthusiast, backyard hobbyist or breeder, for the promotion, preservation and advancement of this fantastic breed while keeping our community growing and strong. Keep reading to learn about what we have to offer.

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Silverudd's Blues, due to their blue genetics, hatch out in a wonderful variety of blue, black and splash.

Silverudd's Blue's main claim to fame is that it is the only single-combed chicken that lays green eggs. Their eggs are hailed by many aficionados as the world's most beautiful.


The stunning good looks of the birchen-accented cocks and the utility of the gentle high-production hens illustrate the fine melding of form and function found in Silverudd's Blue.


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